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THE YOMA METHOD was created, and continues to be taught by Martial Artist and Yoga Instructor, Mecca Nelson.


The system allows you to deepen your connection with the self while simultaneously rejuvenating your Qi (Energy), mind, body, and spirit as well.


THE YOMA METHOD combines various modalities, helping those that have experienced any sort of trauma including, but not limited to: PTSD, rape, domestic violence, grief, anxiety, depression, self-esteem/self-worth, and stress, just to list a few.


This practice will provide you with the tools necessary to manage many types of daily stressors from Trauma-Release Exercises and Bully-Blocking Techniques, to Self-Defense Techniques and Anger-Management Exercises, plus so much more.


The end result is a stronger, calmer, and more well-balanced mind, body, and spirit. Or in other words, a stronger, calmer, and more well-balanced YOU!


The YoMA Practice Encourages Vigilance, Self-Discipline & Living a Well-Balanced Life

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Mecca Nelson began training in Martial Arts to cope with the death of her husband, who lost his life fighting in the U.S. Military.  She began as a way to stay in shape and quickly fell in love with how strong and independent Martial Arts made her feel.  Nelson didn't know what she was capable of until she tried it, and she realized her immense and incredible strength as a woman and as a single mother. 

Nelson excelled to become a Martial Arts instructor and Personal Trainer.  During her training career, Nelson suffered a substantial injury that left her walking with a cane.  Seeking a way to take care of herself and her body during a time she could no longer fight, she turned to yoga. 
Nelson discovered that the physical strength she found from Martial Arts was mirrored in the mental strength she gained from Yoga.  She felt more calm, at ease, and an overall sense of well-being in her life when she balanced out the fierceness of fighting with the softness of Yoga and Meditation. 

This realization sparked Nelson's idea to combine these two life-changing disciplines.  THE YOMA METHOD is taught in workshops to everyone from pre-teens to adults. 


Youth Sessions

Price available upon request

The YOMA Method is available for in-school and after school workshops for pre-teens to high schoolers.  The workshops for kids are fun, energizing and help them to calm and focus their minds.  Young women will learn the importance of self-reliance and self defense, as well as healthy ways of dealing with emotional trauma.


One-on-One Sessions

Price available upon request

For those seeking to deepen their martial arts and yoga experience, The YOMA Method is offered in private, one-on-one sessions.  Receive personalized attention and hands-on adjustments.  Have a specific area you'd like to focus on?  Tell us about it and we will design a plan just for you.

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Adult Group Sessions

Price available upon request

Book The YOMA Method group sessions for adults, where you'll learn practical self-defense, martial arts, yoga and meditation techniques.  The YOMA Method group class is a fun and challenging way to increase your strength, agility, and flexibility of both body and mind.  Taught at private residences and available for workshops at public studios.

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