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Renew your Mind, Body & Spirit

Taking a moment out of the day for self will provide you with the power you need to release anxiety and stress.The ability to learn how to use your breath and incorporate movement to allow the flow of energy (Qi) to move through your body and spirit is the key to conquering all things.

The breath is the key of centering your energy (Qi) . It keeps your spirit and mind grounded, which will allow you to overcome challenges aka the unknown. Using your breath during challenges will prevent anxiety, stress and health issues.

When you feel the need to breath here's a breathing exercise.

Breathing Exercise:

Breath into the nose/inhale , exhale out the mouth (3 times or as how may times you need it).

Create some positive intentions, quotes or prayers

As you speak them into your space. Speak with confidence , power and compassion.

Move with Greatness!

Much Love Mecca

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